The Art Pass
Fizzy Pop Vampire Lunartik Series 5 art pass

Matt JOnes’s Art Pass wallets are back in business with another collective of amazing artistic talent. Art Passes are designed to be a ‘pop out and go’ style folded wallets for business, travel, credit cards, or even money. Each retails for £2.99 and are available from Forbidden Planet or directly or from Lunartik’s web shop.

Lunartik Limited

If you’d a like a fat Fizz to help keep your cards safe you can pop one in your basket at Forbidden Planet or visit Mr Lunartik’s wonderful online store.

The Book

Fizzy Pop Vampire Lemonade Stealing


The Fizzy Pop Vampire


The Fizzy Pop Vampire

This fully illustrated children’s book takes a quirky look at what a tiny vampire might get up to in your kitchen. Maybe he’s stealing lemonade? The Fizzy Pop Vampire can’t be trusted one little bit! But a badly behaved vampire can be greedy. Stolen fizzy drinks and lazy dental hygiene just don’t mix.

A cautionary tale on the dangers of having a sweet tooth with eighteen pages of full colour wobbly drawings and wonderful rhyme. A visual feast ideal for very small people. Adults who don’t want to grow up. And anybody who loves stuff with a peculiar twist.

“Beautifully illustrated by Sarah Anne Langton.”Clutter Magazine
“The cutest book about the importance of good dental hygiene you’ll ever find.” – Anne C. Perry – Jurassic London

Lemonade thieving Mr Fizz is available for your iPad/iPhone at the Apple iBook Store.

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